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Founded in 1996, Topoint Technology is a leader in the field of drills for printed circuit boards (PCB) manufacturing process. With technological innovation as its competitive advantage, Topoint is committed to the development and manufacture of precision micro-drills for PCB manufacture. “Topoint” is our brand and as the top of the world drills manufacturing company. Through advanced technology and friendly environment, Topoint provides comprehensive solutions for PCB machining to enhance customer value.

Since 2010, Topoint has further expanded PCB professional drilling processing solutions with its drills development advantages and mass production management capabilities, providing customers with comprehensive integrated services, including mechanical drilling and laser drilling service. Provide the total solution with the drilling process to satisfy the customer’s request. With the vision of providing complete solutions for precision processing in related industries such as PCB, and becoming a global leader and a long-term trustworthy benchmark enterprise for customers.

Topoint is headquartered in Taiwan and currently employs approximately 1,700 people worldwide. It has drill & router factories in China and Taiwan; has multiple drilling service plants in Taiwan and China. In addition, there are service offices in Japan、South Korea, and Vietnam to provide immediate business and technical support nearby. Topoint listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in January 2008(TWSE: 8021)

Topoint focuses on the development of drills and drilling technology and relentlessly marches onward in the drills for the PCB manufacturing process field.